Evening Skincare

After your thorough evening cleanse, apply an effective damage-repair formula to your face, neck, chest and hands. The topical anti-ageing gold standard remains prescription-only Tretinoin (vitamin A acid). However, there are now over-the-counter products containing highly effective vitamin A derivatives such as retinaldehyde (retinal) or retinol. They support collagen production, reduce sun damage, lighten pigmentation and soften lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A derivatives are among the best-investigated anti-ageing skincare ingredients on the market and ideally, everyone over 30 should be using one. However, they can irritate, so should be introduced gradually and only used as tolerated. Everyone is different and some people might just tolerate them twice a week or so, which is fine. Non-irritating evening repair ingredients include peptides and growth factors, so you could use those alternating with your vitamin A product. It’s important to tailor your evening regime to your individual skin type – if you are unsure what’s best for you, ask one of the Eudelo experts.


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