Whether liquid foundation or mineral powder, these are leave-on products, so it’s as important that they are suitable for your skin type as it’s the case with a moisturizer. Many people inadvertently aggravate skin issues such as breakouts by using the wrong type of foundation. Did you know that there are liquid foundations specifically developed for acne and breakout-prone skin? There are also specialized foundations that can be applied straight after cosmetic procedures, even after chemical peels and laser treatments. And these days, you can even find anti-ageing foundations on the market that not only give your skin a lovely, very natural-looking coverage, but also offer skin conditioning benefits!

Mineral powder make-up can a wonderful choice for normal skin. Because minerals are inert and less likely to irritate than more active chemical foundation formulas, even sensitive, allergy-prone skin usually tolerates them well. Many of our patients love the way finely-milled mineral powders even out their skin tone and cover minor imperfections without looking heavy or unnatural.


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