Toleriane Cream


Moisturiser to simply soothe and moisturise normal to combination skin. Use in between days with more active skincare to let the skin settle.

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Extremely well tolerated facial cream to simply sooth and moisturise normal to combination skin.

When you use quite active anti-ageing skincare (for example a retinol containing product) or are even on prescription acne creams, even oily and combination skin can become a little bit irritated at times. So I always recommend to my patients using the Toleriane fluid in between days with more active ingredients, i.e. when you feel your skin needs a little rest to settle down for a couple of days. This is a very simple, extremely well tolerated, hypoallergenic moisturising fluid, which will sooth and gently hydrate oily (and combination) skin.

Suitable for normal and combination skin.

Size: 40ml

Ideal for alternating with more active anti-ageing skincare
Apply in the evening on face, neck and chest, as needed
Use after cleansing

Simple, soothing, extremely well tolerated moisturiser for normal to combination skin.


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