Retinol 0.3


An potent anti-ageing night cream containing 0.3% pure retinol. Ideal for oily skin. Alternate with SkinTech Purifying Cream, if needed.

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It’s very difficult to find good anti-ageing products for people with oily and combination skin, as most are too lipid-rich. The reason is that most people needing rejuvenating creams tend to have have mature, dry skin. But these rich creams can cause breakouts in younger skin – we’re now seeing more and more people in their 30s and 40s with spot-prone skin. In clinic, it’s easy to treat oily, acne-prone skin by prescribing tretinoin cream. But good over-the-counter products with anti-ageing ingredients for oily skin are still few and far between.

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 contains high strength, pure rejuvenating retinol (vitamin A) in 0.3% concentration in a light cream base. Pure retinol is difficult to stabilise in skincare formulations, yet SkinCeuticals has succeeded in creating a nice, stable product. As with any effective vitamin A derivative product, it should be introduced gradually as it can cause irritation.

Suitable for oily, combination and normal skin.

Once you tolerate the 0.3% Retinol well, you can then go on to the higher strength, 0.5% product.

Size: 30ml

Use after cleansing. Try Dr Sebagh Breakout Foaming Cleanser
Apply to face, neck and chest
If you have’nt used a retinol product before, introduce it gradually. Initially, try twice a week, progressing to every other night, and finally each night, as tolerated
May be alternated with SkinTech Purifying Cream or a simple, oil-free high-street moisturiser for acne-prone skin, if too irritating for daily use.
Don’t forget that you need a good antioxidant serum such as Phloretin CF; and sun protection such as Heliocare Gel SPF 50 in the morning
If you feel that your tendency for spots and breakouts is not controlled well enough with Retinol 0.5 and Skintech Purifying cream, I recommend trying Avene Diacneal Cream (go to Problem Skin – Acne-prone Skin), which has a stronger action on spots while still having excellent anti-ageing effects.

For clinically manifest acne, arrange an appointment with Dr Stefanie Williams in clinic, who can prescribe very effective medicated creams or tablets to resolve your problem completely.

The active ingredient Retinol helps to repair photodamage, stimulates cell regeneration, induces collagen production, improves skin firmness and elasticity and reduces pigmentation as well as visible lines and wrinkles. It is formulated in a light, moisturising base suitable for oily skin.

Warning: Consult your skincare professional for an individual dosage schedule suitable for your skin. Do not use vitamin A derivatives if you are pregnant or lactating, taking prescription acne medication or undergoing a skin peel regime. Always wear sun protection during the day, when using a vitamin A derivative cream.

Normal Skin
Oily Skin
Combination Skin