Light-weight anti-ageing eye gel with peptide rich formula specifically developed for the delicate skin under your eyes.

This is a high performance, yet non-irritating eye gel, aimed at fighting the major signs of skin ageing in the delicate eye contour area.

There are 3 key ingredients in this product – Tripeptides, Tetrapeptides and Peptide antioxidants. Tripeptides help increase skin smoothness by stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels in the skin. These tetrapeptides support tripeptides in helping to minimise inflammation that contributes to puffiness. Peptide antioxidants are powerful antioxidants that improve microcirculation, reduce the appearance of puffiness and lighten discolouration around the eyes.

This award-winning product has a light texture that absorbs quickly and is non-greasy, so it can be applied underneath makeup without smudging. Eyelift is also recommended to those who don’t want to use or are sensitive to retinol (vitamin A) formulations.