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Rich eye balm with rejuvenating and soothing effects. For sensitive skin, which might not tolerate vitamin A derivatives in this area.

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This is a lovely rejuvenating eye balm for dry and sensitive skin. The rich and soothing formulation is particularly suited for people with very sensitive eye contours, who might not be able to tolerate vitamin A derivative containing anti-ageing eye creams. This non-irritating balm also contains ingredients that help to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Size: 14g

Use in the morning and evening, after cleansing
Apply to the area around the eyes, starting from the inner corner outwards
Avoid upper eyelids, if not tolerated here

A combination of gentle phytochemicals rejuvenates ageing skin around the delicate eye area. This rich emollient treatment is specifically formulated to counter the three prime signs of ageing – moisture loss, collagen breakdown, and free radical damage. It improves the delicate skin around the eyes by fighting free radical damage, stimulating collagen and hyaluronate production and replaces lipids in dry skin. A natural anti-inflammatory (gorgonian extract) is added to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness, while a soothing agent derived from the chamomile plant (alpha bisabolol) calms irritated skin.

Warning: Do not use if allergic to chamomille.

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