CE Ferulic Serum


This wonderful high-grade antioxidant serum is an absolute must-have morning serum for everybody with ‘normal’ skin.

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This is one of my all-time favorite antioxidant serums – an absolute must-have morning protection not only for the face, neck and décolletage, but also the backs of hands. Here, I like to combine it with broad-spectrum sun protection powder of SPF 20-50 during the day.

Size: 30ml

Use regularly each morning on the backs of the hands and fingers
Apply 2-3 drops and distribute evenly
Follow with broad-spectrum sun protection, SPF 20-50

CE Ferulic is a revolutionary antioxidant serum combining high concentration vitamin C (15% pure L-asorbic acid),
vitamin E (1% pure alpha tocopherol) and ferulic acid (0.5%). This is a highly effective, synergistic combination for maximum skin benefits.

This serum delivers advanced protection against photoageing – neutralising free radicals and protecting skin from oxidative stress, while helping to build healthy collagen. Remember, greater protection means more youthful-looking skin, improved elasticity and better defense against environmental damage and skin ageing. Once this product is fully absorbed, it can’t be washed or rubbed off.

Normal Skin
Dry Skin Without Breakouts