Toleriane ULTRA


Rich and ultra soothing moisturiser for dry & sensitive skin (without breakouts). Good for alternating with more active anti-ageing care.

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Ultra soothing, creamy moisturiser to simply moisturise dry skin prone to sensitivity and allergies.

When using quite active anti-ageing skincare, the skin can become irritated at times. This is a great solution to let your skin ‘rest’ for a few day and simply hydrate and sooth it.

This is a very simple, extremely well tolerated, hypoallergenic moisturising cream, which will sooth and hydrate dry, sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Suitable for dry & sensitive skin.
Avoid in breakout prone, oily and combination skin (use Toleriane or Toleriane Fluid instead)!

Size: 40ml
(flacon 100% hermetic to allow 0% preservatives!)

Ideal for alternating with more active anti-ageing skincare
Apply in the evening on face, neck and chest, as needed
Use after cleansing

Soothing, extremely well tolerated creamy moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. Its formula is ultra-minimalist and therefore safe for allergy prone skin. By using a small number of ingredients and removing any potentially allergy-inducing substances, this product is stripped down to the essentials.

Naturally soothing La Roche-Posay thermal spring water and neurosensine, an active ingredient, which targets cutaneous irritation mechanisms, support its soothing action.

0% preservative / 0% paraben / 0% fragrance / 0% alcohol / 0% colorant / 0% lanolin.

Dry Skin Without Breakouts