Redermic C for normal to combination skin


A great evening moisturiser for combination skin. Use in between days with more active skincare to allow your skin to settle.

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When you use a quite active anti-ageing regime such as a retinol containing product, your skin can become a little bit irritated at times, even if it is combination skin. In that case, this is a great product to use, in order to let your skin rest and settle. Redermic normal to combination skin is hydrating, yet not congesting your pores.

Suitable for normal to combination skin.
Avoid in oily or breakout prone skin.

Size: 40ml

Apply in the evening on face, neck and chest, as needed
Use after cleansing.

Non-sticky, velvety texture, which moisturises well without clogging up pores in sensitive combination skin. Combines pure Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid – to fight free radicals) with hyaluronic acid (to hydrate), Madecassoside (to increase collagen production) and Neurosensine (to combat micro-inflammation stress).

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