Physiolift Night Balm


This night balm containing effective vitamin A derivative retinaldehyde smooths lines and replumps the skin.

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The Eau Thermale Avène Physiolift Night Smoothing Regenerating Balm smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles and replumps the skin while you sleep the night away.

Its age-defying formula contains active ingredients such as retinaldehyde, a highly effective over-the-counter vitamin A derivative as well as hyaluronic acid mono-oligomers and which work together to boost firmness, reduce wrinkles and smooth your features. Another ingredient, hesperidin methyl chalcone, detoxifies the skin while helping to improve microcirculation and protect the collagen network.

Suitable for normal, dry and combination skin.
Avoid in oily and breakout prone skin.

Apply to the face, neck, chest and hands after cleansing. Use in the evening only.

Regenerates and detoxifies the skin while you’re asleep
Smooths out wrinkles
Replumps the skin

Normal Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin without breakouts