ColorFlo RE-FILL


The re-fill powder for Susan Posnick ColorFlo mineral powder foundation.

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This is a re-fill for the Susan Posnick ColorFlo Mineral Make-up – my favourite powder foundation. Personally, when mine runs out, I always buy a complete new unit with a soft, fresh brush free from the inevitable build-up of dust and skin oils. Of course, you can wash the old brush with baby shampoo, but it never seems to spring back as new, or disperse the powder as it used to. There are also concerns about bacterial contamination, especially if you have oily or combination skin. So I recommend you buy a re-fill only once, then replace the entire product after that.

Follow the intructions inside the carton to re-fill your Susan Posnick ColorFlo Make-up brush applicator.

This product comes in 13 natural skin tones from very fair to a lovely dark brown. M7 is the most common caucasian colour. You might find it reassuring that each colour adapts to two skin tones either side of it, so the risk of getting the wrong colour is less than with liquid foundations.

M13 – Espresso, M12 – Chestnut, M11 – Deep Bronze, M10 – Bronze, M9 – Golden Bronze, M8 – Golden Beige, M7 – Medium Beige, M6 – Medium, slightly pink base, M5 – Apricot, M4 – Light Beige, M3 – Light Neutral, M2 – Fair, slightly yellow base, M1 – Very Fair