What’s the most natural way we can help repair our skin if we’ve over-done it in the sun?

Nice to see that it has become a little more sunny in London recently. I certainly enjoy the slow arrival of summer. However of course we all know that it is absolutely crucial to never let our skin burn in the sun. And remember that the maximum redness will only occur after 24 hours, so [...]

Keep Hydrated – How does keeping hydrated help our skin in the summer?

I am looking out of the window as we speak and it’s beautifully weather - finally the summer seems to have arrived. Keeping up a sufficient water intake during the warm summer months is important, to compensate for the higher rate of sweating, because you don’t want your body to become dehydrated. Water is also [...]

Can exercise make acne worse? Or is it beneficial?

Exercise is of course highly beneficial for overall health. However, some acne patients report a flare-up (especially on back and chest, i.e. skin areas covered with clothing) after sweating. Of course everybody is different, but in any case make sure to wash your skin directly after exercise to remove sweat, dirt etc., which could further [...]

Skin Infections Acquired in the Gym – Myth or Reality?

In theory it is possible to catch an infection in the gym, for example from bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus (staph.) lurking on gym equipment or yoga mats. Fortunately, the risk of acquiring such an infection is low. However, if you suffer with recurrent boils, it is worth re-thinking your gym routine. That includes making [...]


When I read this newspaper article last week, I was appalled how badly researched it was and how many plainly incorrect ‘facts’ it contains. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2642709/A-staggering-84-Botox-patients-no-idea-whats-injected-face.html You know that I am all for safety of cosmetic procedures (I am even a member of the Anti-Ageing Medicine Expert Group AMEC). And it's important that patients are getting [...]

FAQ: Cleansers

Recently I was asked a couple of questions about cleansers in clinic. Cleansers are so important to proper skincare that I thought I would post them here: Why is it important to keep acne/ breakout prone skin clean with a suitable cleanser? The correct cleanser will remove excess oil, dirt, excess bacteria, dead skin cells [...]

The Exciting New World of Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatology

Regenerative cosmetic dermatology is a new and exciting field within dermatology, which uses innovative treatments to help the skin to help itself and restore and regenerate old or damaged tissue. A wonderful aspect to the treatments is that they don't just aim to make the skin look younger and more beautiful, but also aim to [...]